This year winter comes in a bottle, not just outside.

Winter Frost, the name says it all. When plants are being fed with Winter Frost they receive the signal that the temperatures are dropping. This triggers a very welcome response in the plant. The plant will now focus all of its energy on making sure it has the best chance of reproduction. To do this the plant will push all of it’s remaining energy towards pushing oil and terpene production, this will add a layer of “frosting” to your plants. It can also bring out a vibrant shift in colors. This product has been widely adopted by growers in the USA and UK that are looking to add quality and value, to their crop.

With this truly unique, stand-alone, additive from New Millenium Nutrients it does not matter what nutrient line you are using.

Winter Frost can be used in combination with any nutrient line on the market today. It is used by itself in the week before flushing, do not use any other products in combination with Winter Frost. Results can be seen within days, seeing is believing!

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