Instantly improve nutrient uptake for plants

Ruby Ful#%$ by New Millenium Nutrients, or Ruby Fulvic. Why the #, % and the $? A short explanation. # for an increase in yield, $ for a higher Return on Investment and the % for enhancement for overall quality.

Ruby Ful#%$ is a premium fulvic additive with 9 sources of fulvic acid! Most fulvic products contain no more than 1 source. Fulvic acid is an excellent chelate. Officially it is a molybdenum fertilizer, molybdenum helps break down nitrogen (N). This means it helps to speed up the nutrient uptake and transportation of nutrients within your plants. The fulvic acid binds itself to the different elements in your nutrient solution and this allows for faster and easier absorption.

As a secondary benefit it helps to reduce salt buildup in your substrate or growing medium. Ruby Ful#%$ can easily be combined with any nutrient line that you are using, it will effectively improve your results. During flush Ruby Ful#$% will help to remove unused nutrients from your plant, improving taste.

In short Ruby Ful#%$ is fantastic addition since it is a great all-round product and will keep your customers coming back for more!

  • Improve rooting, growth and flowering
  • Maximize the effect of your nutrients
  • Enhance the effect of boosters and other additives
  • Increased yield
  • Use less nutrient to have the same effect


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