rock resinator

Resin is what really adds value and quality.

Something new, something exciting!

Cinqo.8 Distribución is dedicated to bring high quality and proven brands to the European market. We can proudly say that we are now distributing Rock Resinator in Europe.
Rock Resinator has created an amazing track record of successful customers over the years. I am sure that you are now wondering what Rock Resinator is….

Rock Resinator, THE bloombooster that first conquered Australia and then took the USA by storm.
In the UK it has already built a large and loyal customer base. Now it has finally arrived to Europe. What makes Rock Resinator that much better than all the other Boosters? It produces more oil, it produces larger flowers without negative effects on taste and smell.
A sure way to increase overall quality for your customers that will keep them coming back to you for more! Rock Resinator can easily replace any bloombooster from any nutrient line. Replace your current booster with Rock Resinator and surprise yourself with the results.

We farm for resin, not just biomass.