Cinqo8 is a proud sponsor of racing prodigy Lisette Grinwis

In 2020 Lisette became vice-champion of the GK4 Kart Series. Because of her great performance she was surprised by being selected in 2021 for the KNAF Academy. Lisette became part of the Bas Koeting Racing team in the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup and scored a podium finish on the circuit of Zolder.

In 2022 Lisette was promoted to the Mazda MX5 Cup. The 16 year old prodigy is now part of the Belgium racingteam of Patrick Mertens.

When asked about how Lisette looks at 2022, she responded: “2021 was my best year in motorsport racing, and I’m going to work even harder to make 2022 even better.”

Lisette’s spirit inspires us and we surely wish Lisette a lot of success this year!


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