Original Plant Nutrition

By using Van Gogh’s Plant Nutrition, you give your plants everything they need to stay strong and healthy.

They will simply grow and bloom longer by using Van Gogh’s Plant Nutrition.

The plant nutrition contains all necessary supplements. Together with a balanced mix of trace elements, it keeps your plants more beautiful and healthier for a longer period.

Magnesium and iron create intense green leaves. Furthermore, the additional humus extracts ensures your plants absorb the nutrients faster and better.

So, treat your plants on Van Gogh’s Plant Nutrition.

Your plants will grow more and greener leaves, will flower abundantly and will be more resilient to diseases!

How to use Van Gogh’s Plant Nutrition?
It’s easy to use: Just add 2 caps of liquid to 1 liter of water (5 ml per liter of water).

Simply said:
You will enjoy your plants longer by using Van Gogh’s Plant Nutrition.

Try it yourself now!