Improve the quality of your crop with uv light

Ultraviolet light is a type of radiation that is emitted by the sun. UV light is broken up into 3 different wavelengths: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. Due to the earth’s atmosphere UVC does not naturally reach down to earth.

During the growth-stage of the plant, UV-light is essential. This part of the light spectrum promotes growth in plants. When your plants do not receive enough UV-light in the growth stage, it will trigger the plant to grow taller, to get access to more light. The energy being put into the vertical growth is taken away from the development of the rootzone. Thus, by adding light in this spectrum, your plants will be able to develop a larger and healthier rootzone. This will allow your plant to take up more water and nutrient. It will also help prevent your plant from stretching and create shorter internodes, creating a shorter and bushier plant.

During the flowering stage of the plant, UV-light is even more important. As with humans, UV radiation can be harmful for plants. Where the human skin can be protected by using sunscreen, plants will produce their own sunscreen to protect themselves from the potentially harmful UV radiation. When exposed to UV radiation, the plant will be triggered to produce more oils that act as a natural sunscreen. This is done in the form of extra trichome production. Plants that are not exposed to UV radiation, which is the case in most indoor growing environments, will not receive this additional stimulus.

UV-A and UV-B radiation will also help improve the plants resistance to insects, bacteria, and different kinds of fungi. It is a boost for your plants health and can give increased natural protection to your valuable crop.

Adding UV light to your growth is an easy way of organically increasing the quality of your plant and the overall yield of your crop.

Key features:

  • Shorter internodes
  • Higher production of Trichomes
  • Increased THC concentration
  • Increased Terpene content and flavonoids
  • Decreased fungal pathogen growth
  • Increased development of the rootzone



Cinqo.8 Distribución recommends using 1 x 150W UV per 4 x 1000W HPS fixtures.

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