HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC

A low-maintenance fixture that guarantees quality, reliability and a long lifespan: Dutch Lighting Innovations offers a lighting fixture perfectly tailored to the needs of growers. The DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC is an innovative lighting fixture that delivers a competitive edge to boost your yield.


DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC

  • Extra Low-Profile Housing (Less Daylight Interception)
  • Improved Reflector (Superior Light Spread & Reflection)
  • Improved Heatsink (Increased Driver Efficiency
  • LED indicator (VStatus & Error Diagnostics
  • Gore-Tex Plug (Ventilation Plug
  • Wieland Quick Connect (Easy Connection & Disconnection)

Time for Improvement

For Decades growers have settled for grow light fixtures that are not 100% tailored for their use and crop. Grow light manufacturers are always trying to appease the mass populations of growers, rather than honing in on exactly what they need for optimal performance, yields, and most important a high quality product, year round.

Compatible with all existing DLI systems

The fixture is fully compatible with the other products in the DLI portfolio. This fixture communicates seamlessly with the DLI controller, allowing you to easily replace or extend your existing installation with this new fixture.

DLI proudly presents the redefined HORTI-series. DLI is setting a new standard in the horticultural sector with this, in-house developed, HPS fixture. Due to the unique position of the electronic ballast in the die-cast aluminum housing and the use of materials and components of the highest quality, our engineers have succeeded in developing a fixture that is unequaled in the cooling of the electronics. The superb cooling of the electronics results in high reliability and a long service life of the fixture. Independent tests show that the DLI HORTI-series is the coolest fixture on the market!

The low housing makes it possible to install the fixture as high as possible above the crop, which results in an improved light uniformity on the crop. The project-specific made wire brackets make an easy installation of the fixtures on truss or C-profile possible. The brackets are carefully designed to ensure that the fixture is always level, both horizontally and vertically.


Efficiency and uniformity have been the main focus in the development of the reflectors. Each ray of light coming from the lamp either goes directly to the plant or will hit the 99.99% pure aluminum only once before being transmitted to the plant. The unique design of the DLI reflector ensures a uniform light distribution and therefor an even plant growth. There is a choice of a deep reflector or a reflector with a wide light distribution.

The reflectors from DLI are made from an electromagnetically brightened high purity aluminum substrate coil, with an anodized base coat for a maximum protection of the surface. The material is then treated with specially developed processes to ensure maximum adhesion of the coating. A reflection layer of 99.99% pure aluminum is applied by means of vacuum coating. A double layer oxide system is applied to this reflection layer. This improves the total reflection and offers protection against damage.

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC:

Input Voltage: 208 – 240V
Input Voltage Range: ± 10%
Rated Power: 1050W
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Input Current: 5.2A @ 208V
Inrush Current: <40A
Dimming: 600W – 1150W
Dimensions: 57.1 X 28.4 X 17.8 cm / 22.5 X 11.2 X 7.0 inch
Weight: 5.2kg / 11.5lb
Certification: CE, CSA, FCC