Full Kit for 2.500 L

With this Full kit of Gen200 Complete Basic Care, you have all the necessary nutrients and boosters in one ready-to-use package for a successful cycle for your plants. Everything from planting to harvest in one box good for 2500 liters of water.

Including 3 presents as introduction!

GEN200 Pink is a highly concentrated dry nutrient solution that adds nitrogen and calcium to the diet of your plants. It increases chlorophyll levels and strengthens the overall structure of the plant. Furthermore, the ability to efficiently transport nutrients through the plant is enhanced.

GEN200 Blue is a complete mix of all nutrients that a plant needs in order to grow and prosper. By combining GEN200 Pink and GEN200 Blue, your will offer your plant the entire spectrum of minerals.

GEN200 Orange is used to boost the plant in the flowering cycle. The high amounts of phosphorus, potassium and trace elements in this mix are essential to ensure exuberant growth and bloom.

GEN200 Green brings all the essential, often forgotten, minerals to the table. It is a complete mix of all the trace elements that a plant needs throughout its life.


Full kit of Gen200 Complete Basic Care 2.500l

  • 1 Kg Gen200 Pink
  • 1 Kg Gen200 Blue
  • 2X 250 Gr Gen200 Orange
  • 250 Gr Gen200 Green
  • 20 Ml Gen200 Control
  • 50 Ml Gen200 Grow
  • Scale 0,1 T0 600 Gr
  • CBC Grow Schedule