E-pap Morpho 3.0

We get your lights on!

We don’t just do business, we understand business. Designed in the Netherlands by a passionate team that know its way around lighting. With us you get the highest quality, but don’t pay the highest price. With our entrepreneurial mindset we make sure our products are available for you: every where, every time. The metamorphosis of indoor horticultural lighting E-Pap Morpho 600W LED is a leading 1000W HPS replacement that gives you a higher light output while needing less power input and creating effortless use. The Morpho is a 6 rail, foldable LED with IP65 rating and 5 years warranty. It is fully designed to maximize the ease of use with its simple and compact design. At E-Pap we deliver products that require low maintenance, without compromising on the latest technical specifications. We always got your back.

Adjust and tailor your lights

Our state of the art design provides an incredible efficacy of 3.0 μmol/J at only 600W that really makes your plants grow to their full potential. The fixture generates power equivalent to 1000W HPS. It contains 2 different dimming systems: a knob dimmer which gives you 4 different levels of dimming range – 30%, 50%, 75% and 100% – and a compatible 1-10V LED dimming controller hat offers a dimming range from 30% up to 100%. Both dimming systems give you the possibility to  adjust and tailor the lighting to every stage of growth without efficiency loss.


Lightweight and foldable design

Our innovative design provides conveniency as it is designed to be foldable and lightweight at the same time. This gives the E-Pap Morpho numerous packaging and transportation advantages, such as only taking up half the storage spacing being more resistance for breaking. Because of the light weight of the fixture the installation can be done full independent.


Great flexibility and easy to use

The input voltage range of the Morpho 600W ranges from 208 – 400W. This provides a greater flexibility: the fixture is not affected by voltage restrictions and can operate in every situation. It provides full-spectrum and broad coverage light for full term growth replicating natural outdoor sunlight for healthier plants.

We use the plug & play technology for our fixtures. No need for special installation of technical expertises. Just ready to use after following the easy installation instructions.


Technical Specifications: E-Pap LED Morpho

  • LED Output 1800 μmol
  • IP Classification IP65, Class I (needs protected ground)
  • Beam Angle 120°
  • Product Dimensions 1105 x 1115 x 65 mm
  • LED Power 600W
  • Product Weight 10 kg
  • Voltage Range 208V – 400V
  • Certifications CE, IP65, Class 1
  • LED Efficiency 3.0 μmol / joule
  • Country of origin Design: the Netherlands
  • Manufactured: P.R.C.
  • Dimming 25%-50%-75%-100%
  • 30-100% with controller
  • Warranty 5 Years
  • Full Spectrum


Compatible accessories: E-Pap Controller

E-Pap Controller is specially designed to set up a daily lighting management system for your E-Pap fixture with ease and precision.

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