The primary focused technology we present is what we refer to as plant available carbohydrates. These molecules are available in such a way that allows for exponentially accelerated performance and stimulated effect once introduced into the plant system. Our carbohydrates initiate aggressive “stock-piling” of energy reserves within the plant, as well as displacement back into the rhizosphere. More available energy to your plant system overall allows for increased performance in both vegetative and fruiting production; as well as increased tolerance to abiotic environments. The diverse multitude of specifically and specially sourced ingredients that comprise this dessert for your garden make it possibly the most complex recipe in the entire line-up. Apply with every irrigation at a rate of 5ML per GAL of water in the flowering phase. Please advise that the active nature of this product may encourage the growth of biofilm in hydroponic systems and/or equipment.

  • An aggressively diverse array of simple and complex carbohydrates synthesized for immediate plant absorption.
  • Stimulate soil biology and rhizospheric activity while simultaneously energizing the metabolic reactions within your plant system.
  • A natural source of electrolytic potassium increases plant system responses to the flowering and fruiting sites resulting in higher plant brix levels overall.